“No matter where I go and what I do, my roots run deep, so all that stuff I use you know. Even though I value space travel and seeing the stars I need to put my feet in the dirt every now and then.”


“I’m a learner. I don’t want to know everything about one thing, but everything about a lot of things.”


Singer Songwriter Frewuhn, grew up in Houston Texas, surrounded by a cultural mix of influences each curated by members of her family. “My grandparents brought me up on gospel and jazz, my mother on r&b, hip-hop, and reggae, my uncles gave me a healthy dose of country, cousins-alternative rock, and classic rock.” All of these influences inform her sound. A curious mind interested in the duality of life and uses music as a outlet to tell her story. “I’m a learner, I don’t want to know everything about one thing but everything about a lot of things.”


This mind seeps into her creative work as a writer and musician. Her southern upbringing found her early beginnings in church, where she gained her first stage and songwriting experience. 

Frewuhn, whose moniker is derived from her name, Franchelle which means "Free one," made her debut with Alternative Rock/Soul outfit Neon Collars, and has backed an opened for an array of artists including Erykah Badu, Mos, Def, Stokely, Ledisi, CeCe Winans and performed with Solange as a backing vocalist. She is dedicated to the world of music, art and academia as agencies of healing, education as tools of enlightenment.


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